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With regard to sensors, most modern security systems offer sensors that communicate with the control pad wirelessly, these are clearly easier and more convenient to install. The vast majority of systems come with a mounted control panel, however, some of the more advanced offerings allow you to control by smartphone or tablet. Specific intrusion protection safeguards are of particular importance too. Better home security systems come with things like glass break detection and motion sensors, not to mention environmental monitors like carbon monoxide or smoke detectors. Surveillance cameras are usually extra but can warn of intruders and be placed at a multitude of location in and around your property. Some can even offer access to continuous live feed over your smart device.

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Commonvoltages are 6v, 12v, and 24v DC with 12v DC being the most common. Some 120v AC units have the capability to interconnect so that when one unitactivates, it causes the audible alarm in the other units to sound. Units canalso be purchased that have a relay output for connection to any security systemcontrol panel or wireless transmitter. The most common types available inhardware stores operate as independent sensors that are battery powered, are notconnected to the security system, and have their own audible alarm sounder. Heatsensors operate using a different technology from smoke detectors. The basicdesign features of each type are summarized in the following paragraph. Heat sensors are designed to detect a rapid rise in temperature. Theyalso have a feature that sets off an alarm when a fixed temperature is reached. Smoke detectors do not react to heat but use one of two common sensordesigns to detect smoke. An ionization type of detector forms anelectrical path inside a small chamber with a very small amount of radioactivematerial. When smoke enters the chamber, the particles attach themselves to theions and change the electrical current flow.