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Because this is contractual, the terms of cancellation are outlined and reviewed with each new customer on the call with Alder Security. I am happy that we were able to offer some assistance with your billing early this year. It is extremely disappointing that you have decided to not take advantage of the options we provided that were exceptions outside of the contractual terms to assist in your time of need. If you do choose to move forward with the rate change, gift card, or waived monitoring that we offered to help you through your current situation, please reach back out to Alder Security so that we can help. Just want to provide some information to you that Protect America will not advise you of before you sign up for them. 1 Once you sign up with them you are locked into a 3 year contract with them that you CANNOT change.

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Many home security companies often require a three year contract. SimpliSafe has no contracts at all. You can cancel any time you want without penalty. Low monthly costs. One of the best things about SimpliSafe is the price. Monitoring starts at $14. 99 a month, which is the equivalent of a nice lunch. Even the highest tier is only $24. 99 a month, which is half the price of other comparable companies. Reasonable equipment prices. You'll have to spend a little on equipment to get set up but you're not going to have to take out a second mortgage on your house to do it.- Alder Security