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Knowing your neighbors is a great way to keep a neighborhood safe, and I am glad that this section was included as well. A happy home is one that has all of these elements, including a well trained dog, neighbors and friends to come by and check on the home and collect the mail while the family is away, and there are lots of lights around each home that run on timers and motion sensors. Keeping a solid neighborhood watch makes bonding for the neighbors as well as make a more secure area for children and the family home. It only takes a few dedicated neighbors to start this, and there are many resources available at schools, community centers, and police stations, as well as online, for letting you know how to start one in the area you live in. Another advantage to starting a neighborhood watch, as well as making sure that you and other neighbors have burglar proofed your homes, is that would be burglars will be much less likely to come to your neighborhood at all if there are fewer houses that would make good targets. The use of timing devices seems a bit cliché, as the article implied, but actually the devices are anything but cliché. The article also makes a great point that these devices are not just for use when you and your family are away, but can also be used to deter would be burglars if you are upstairs or home alone. The tip about having the lights on when you get back to your house also makes a great case for a timer, in addition to a multitude of other reasons that a timer would come in handy. Timers can be wind up and not very expensive, or you can get the expensive digital kind that you can set for several different times on different days. The best way to beat a criminal is to think like one, as they say, so it was good to see the tricks for preventing burglary through the eyes of a burglar looking for an easy target. Letting your mail and newspapers pile up may seem like just a nuisance, but in fact it is also a great way to let burglars know that you are away for an extended period of time.

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