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A security system's ability to detect motion can be a godsend and a detriment if Fido keeps setting yours off. SimpliSafe's sensors aren't triggered by dogs or cats weighing less than 50 pounds. Glass break sensors $34. 99 each. There's not much time to react when a burglar gets in. By noticing the sound of shattered glass right away, these sensors can give you some precious seconds to get help.

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Similar to Scout, this company only offers equipment that is self installed, so there is no middle man to go through and no expense for installation. SimpliSafe uses dedicated cellular communication with the monitoring station, which is a huge benefit. However, SimpliSafe does not offer Crash and Smash technology, which means that if the control panel were destroyed, it would no longer relay any messages to the monitoring station. SimpliSafe does not require a contract and you can even opt out of having your system monitored by its 24/7 security monitoring center but we do not recommend this—learn more about self monitoring security. Since you can also upgrade your system later, it can be a great place to get started with a home alarm system so long as you are not looking for a security camera. Protect America is an affordable home security solution that will meet the needs of almost any homeowner.